Of Character And Communication

Ah, Presidential elections. the time when all of America gets to find out all of the secrets of a small group of people. From affairs, to questionable business deals. Why does it seem like we can’t find a good candidate? Its because a good candidate needs balance, a balance of character and communication. All too often it seems like when we find someone who communicates effectively they have more skeletons in their closet than a haunted house. And all the ones with a seemingly spotless background can’t give a speech, or debate to save their life. Let’s look at some examples.


A few things to never forget: “There is none righteous, no not one”(Romans 3:10), and every person has bloopers when they are communicating.

So for our examination we will look at two of the candidates in the current election(though one has dropped out) that I consider to be the most Conservative: Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry.


Newt Gingrich

There is no argument he is possibly the best communicator in my lifetime(post Reagan). He can debate the socks of anyone, and give a speech that will move the most apathetic among us to action. But Newt is the perfect example of how a lapse of character and judgement years ago can haunt you for the rest of your life. Because of choices he made in his personal life some consider him unfit to be president. Newt is the epitome of why, at Patriot Academy, they teach that having good character is every bit as important as having the right stances on the issues.

All it takes is one mistake, one lapse of judgement, one failure of character to ruin your chances of being able to serve your country, and lead the change. That is why Patriot Academy puts so much emphasis on maintaining character that is above reproach.


Rick Perry

Compared to Newt, Rick Perry is a horse of a different color, both hold good political principles and values. But both have big problems, that are very different. Perry in his tenure at Governor of Texas only deviated from strict conservative principles a handful of time and most were minuscule. Governor Perry, compared to other candidates doesn’t have any skeletons in his closet. all those years of living in the public eye, and no controversies or conspiracies. You don’t find that often in a candidate.

But Perry’s problem was that he couldn’t communicate effectively, which is very out of the ordinary for the Governor. I personally think it had to do with the fact the he had very recently had back surgery, and between the pain and the medications, Perry was thrown off his game. But regardless, having the ability to communicate effectively is every bit as important as having spotless character.


So, what can we learn from this. Here are a few things:

  1. Nobody has it all together. You are never going to find the complete package in a candidate.
  2. Character is VITAL.
  3. The right principles are VITAL.
  4. Communication is just as VITAl.
  5. And lastly, quit looking for the perfect candidate. You won’t find him. Because as Rick Green says: “Unless Jesus Christ is on the ballot you are going to be voting for the lesser of two evils.”


Why I Will Not Now, And Will Never Support Ron Paul

I have many good friends who support Ron Paul and I greatly respect them, And many of the things I will say in this article are generalizations, however they cannot be ignored. so please know I have the utmost respect for Congressman Paul and Some of his supporters. I think that Congressman Paul is such an excellent congressman he should stay right there! <sarcasm>after all he is so effective at winning people to his side that in his career as a Congressman that out of the 600+ pieces of legislation that have had Mr. Paul’s name affixed to them less than 5 became law.That is the kind of leader we need in the white house, one who can win people to our side and get a legislative agenda accomplished</sarcasm>. I will not support him and Here is why.


#1 LIFE!

I reject Mr. Pauls assertion that the protection of life is a states issue, the only reason the state should have any say in the legal MURDER of innocent unborn children is because on this issue of morality Washington has failed to fulfill its  first commission. Life precedes all other rights, for without it all others are made useless. The federal government has far more claim to make abortion illegal than than it has to impose environmental regulations, Provide a free education, or even to support or oppose gay marriage. for it is the first right given us by our creator, and it is governments obligation to protect those rights.


#2 Foreign Policy

My friend Thomas Umstattd wrote a series of articles supporting Mr. Pauls Foreign policy. Of which I agree with two(here and here). Many people have said That Ron Paul’s foreign policy mirror’s that of Thomas jefferson, that shows a fundamental misunderstanding of history and Thomas Jefferson.

When Jefferson was president America faced a problem, That problem was the Barbary Pirates. The Barbary Pirates where islamic extremist who would capture U.S. ships and hold the crews hostage and demand ransom money. When Jefferson took office ransom payments accounted for more of the United States budget than and other single expenditure. The U.S. had made many treaties with the pirates and the pirates had broken them all. So Jefferson decided to find out more about them, he bought a koran and began to study his enemy, he found that the pirates religion condoned their action. Knowing that they would not stop their actions, Jefferson formed the Navy and declared war on the pirates. and guess what after we killed a lot of them they stopped.

One assertion that Thomas makes is that by killing terrorist we create more. but if you follow that logic then we shouldn’t have entered WWII, because for every Nazi we killed many more could be moved to action. every human has an instinct to survive, I agree with the enemy commander in the movie We Were Soldiers, “kill all they send, and they will stop sending them.” Sorry, its gruff and some would call it barbaric, but war is necessary. And if we don’t kill them they will kill us, I think the speech Benjamin Martin gives in the patriot accurately reflects what it would be like if we refused to fight the terrorists on their soil when he said “This will not be a war in a far away land it will be fought in out back yards, our children will not hear stories of the fighting, they will learn of it with their own eyes.”

Another assertion often made by Mr. Paul himself is that islamic extremists attack us because we attack them, or some other non-sense like that. A quick look at history tells us that this claim is preposterous, what did we do to the british to cause the war of 1812, or the japanese before Pearl Harbor. No, the reason they attack us is because, America stands for everything their religion stands against. and Ron Pauls stance in the area hearkens memories of President Reagan, but in a very bad way! when Reagan spoke of appeasement it echoed Paul’s foreign policy.

Another thing Adds like this are an affront the the united states military, and this is another reason I will not support Ron Paul! Mr. Paul America is not harboring terrorist bent on killing chinese civilians! This ad is a TRAVESTY!


#3 His supporters are NUTS!

That is a generalization. I am referring to the crazy, fanatic paulistas. I express many of my beefs with his supporters in this article.

But I have others, for one they are always cooking up conspiracies. Headline like “Ron Pauls Secretly Wins Iowa Caucus” Drive me and the general public crazy!

Here is another thing, if you support any one else they act intellectually superior, and often go so far as to insult you, saying that you are a war monger, liberal or just plain ignorant.

But the king of all peeves I have with them is that they refuse to acknowledge that Paul has any faults! I cant stand that!


Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts..