Are We Doomed To The Fate Of Rome?

Rome, the most powerful nation of the ancient world. It seemed as though nothing could stop the advance of the roman borders, its army was invincible, they were leaders in art, music, and technology. But still this great empire colapsed and is no longer a nation. What caused the collapse of this once great nation? Continue reading →

We Will Never Forget

Exactly 9 years ago we were attacked on our own soil, the likes of which had not been seen since December 7, 1941. On September 11, 2001 thousands of innocent americans where killed by radical Islamic terrorist, not just those inside the buildings but the brave public servants who rushed into the burning buildings to save those who could be saved. Today, just 9 years later it seems as though many Americans have forgotten how it felt on that dark day. Continue reading →

Chivalry Is Dead.

Or so the feminist would have you believe. But Chivalry is not dead yet, but alas it is deathly ill. These days you hardly see a young man hold the door for a lady, or help them out of the car. We should do this not because we consider women inferior but rather it is a sign of respect weather the lady is older or younger than you all women deserve this form of respect. So what has caused the collapse of chivalry. Continue reading →


Do You Know What The Pledge Of Allegiance Means?

The Pledge of allegiance has become little more that a nursery rhyme to children. Why is this? It is because from the time they enter the school system they are taught to recite it every morning without ever being told the meaning of the words. I have no problem with school children reciting the pledge every morning, I do it my self. But we need to explain the meaning of the pledge to them first. So I am going to break it down and explain it. Continue reading →

Statesman Or Politician, What is The Difference?

A politician is only focused on reelection.
A politician is willing to sacrifice his principals if it will help them get reelected. this leads to the waters of their character becoming muddied. When a persons character becomes tarnished it takes a lot harder to clean it than it is to clean tarnished silver, and even if you do clean it, it will still have lost some of its luster.

A politician want their name in lights.
politicians want fame and recognition, and will do almost anything to get it. To qoute a great mentor of mine “there are those people who want to be somebody, and then there are those who want to do something.” Politicians are the people who want to be somebody, they want to see their names on TV and on news papers. This also can lead to a tarnished character.

A politician’s vote can be bought.
A politician is in it for the money, they will vote your way for a price. This opens the door for your character to become tarnished.

A statesman is principled.
A statesman always puts his principles first. He does not care about the political implications of a decision he cares about whether or no it is the right thing to do.  

A statesman want to make a difference.
A statesman doesn’t want to see his name in lights, he want the right thing done. he doesn’t care is his name is ever on the front page of the Dallas Morning News.

A statesman is unshakable.
A statesman cannot be bought. He is feared by lobbyist and his opponents alike, but respected by both. He holds fast to his principles and never tarnishes his character.

Politician or Statesman?
What this country needs is not more politicians who campaign one way and vote another. What we need is more patriotic, principled, steadfast, prudent, statesmen.

President Obama Snubs The B.S.A. In Favor Of "The View"

Since the early 1920’s the President of the United States has also served as the honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America. Also since the early 1920’s the President has been invited to speak at the B.S.A. National Jamboree.

This years Jamboree is argueably the most important Jamboree in the history of the scouting movement. This year’s Jamboree is a celebration of the 100th anniversairy of the B.S.A.

President Obama informed the chairman of the National jamboree that he will not be attending this year due to a schedueling conflict. It was later revealed that the conlict was the taping of “The View.”

This is unacceptable that the president of the United States will stand up an orginization that stands for patriotism, personal responsibility, and eveything that American has ever stood for so that he can appear on a morning talk show with four liberal ideologues who think just like him.

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