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Biblical Politician?

In discussing the current presidential candidates with many of my friends I have found that there are many who are unaware of the Biblical requirements for political leaders, and some who refuse to vote because no one is the “perfect

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Not Your Average 9/11 Post

In the days Following 9/11 America was in shock. Churches were filled, prayers were heard, Speeches made, applause offered. America was shaken to her very core. Fear, Insecurity, Shock, Loss, Wonderment, Broken heartedness. out of these was born a humility

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We Will Never Forget

Exactly 9 years ago we were attacked on our own soil, the likes of which had not been seen since December 7, 1941. On September 11, 2001 thousands of innocent americans where killed by radical Islamic terrorist, not just those

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What Made Ronald Reagan The "Great Communicator"

The Great Communicator. Ronald Reagan was able articulate his ideas better than anyone else of his time. He was indisputably one of the best speakers God has ever blessed this earth with. He was able to spread an idea through

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Statesman Or Politician, What is The Difference?

Tweet A politician is only focused on reelection. A politician is willing to sacrifice his principals if it will help them get reelected. this leads to the waters of their character becoming muddied. When a persons character becomes tarnished it

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The True Heros In Our Nation

He defeated the most powerful army in the world once to gain his freedom, and a second two keep it. He fought his own countrymen to keep this great nation together. He ran through trenches in World War One, then

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