What We Can Learn From The Scouts Part 1

With National Scouting Jamboree approaching, I think we should look at the principals behind this century old movement. I believe we can learn a lot for the principals and virtues that scouts swear “on their honor” to up hold. so lets take them one at a time.

With all the lies being spewed from politicians these days I think we could do with a little more of this. If there were more honest people in this country imagine how much better off we would be.

Loyalty is a devotion to a person or an idea. In my opinion we could use more devotion to the idea of American exceptionalism  and to the ideas expressed in the Constitution of The United States.

If we were al a little more helpful we could make our country a much better place.

Fifty years ago if you walked down the street everyone you passed knew your name. Thanks to Fecebook, iPhones, iPads, and fast pace of today’s society a lot of that friendliness has been lost, what if we could recapture friendliness our country would be a lot nicer place to live.

If we all did one kind deed a day then then we would make a have a clean environment and we would be a lot more civil to each other.

The last four points go hand in hand with out one the other would never happen.

you have seen it, a parent walking through the super market with a small child. The child is screaming because they can’t get the new toy, the mom exasperated almost to the point of screaming says “please”, the child does not listen. Obedience is crucial to society, without it all ordered society collapses into anarchy.

Sometimes in life we are tasked with less than desirable responsibilities, When this occurs what if instead of complaining about it we performed these tasks with a cheerful attitude imagine how much more enjoy able these tasks would be for those around us.

These hard economic times require thriftiness

Bravery is required to walk into your bosses office and ask for that raise, it takes bravery to to risk everything to serve your fellow citizens in elected office, and it took bravery to stand up and sign that Declaration of Independence.

This does not just mean taking a shower every day it also includes your conscience. You should always keep your conscience clean.

Reverence toward God is crutial to all the previous points without reverence you cannot have any of the others.

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