“Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.”
— Francis Bacon —

Kyle Griesinger smoking a cigar.

Well, you’re here, you might as well know a little about me. I’m a conservative of the sort that’s out of fashion these days. But I’m not ready to surrender the label. I have many opinions. Few of them are popular. And I don’t mind.

I grew up just outside of Dallas-Fort Worth, right on the line between suburb and rural. I left Texas — and a part of my soul (the part that loves Whatburger, Topo Chico, and Selena) — to pursue a bachelor’s degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Justice Scalia once said if he weren’t a Virginian, he’d probably want to be a Texan. I’ve tested his proposition in reverse and I think he had it just about right.

After college, I married my wife Savannah and we moved to Washington, DC.

I do media relations for a public interest law firm that represents Americans harmed by government overreach. I was previously an account executive for a boutique media relations firm and did government relations for an economic think tank.

In my free time, I enjoy drinking and collecting whiskey, ideally paired with a good cigar. I’m a hiker, a camper, and an Eagle Scout. I’m a tinkerer and technology enthusiast. I build mechanical keyboards and collect retro video games.