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Thoughts on Tomi Lahren

In case you missed it, Tomi Lahren has regained control of her Facebook page. Which means that we are about to be inundated with new ‘final thoughts’—though, one has to wonder why they are ‘final thoughts’ if they’re now the whole show. Tomi lost her gig as Provocateur-in-chief at TheBlaze recently over some comments she made on The View. This […]


After Liberty, Moving Forward

I am very excited to announce that I will begin studies for my Ph.D. in Economics at George Mason University in the Fall of 2017. I am incredibly thankful to my family, friends, and professors who have supported me during undergrad and the grad school admission process. In 2015, I was accepted into Liberty University […]

Photographing the National D-Day Memorial – Bedford, Virginia

After several weeks of drowning in coursework, I finally had a chance to visit the National D-Day Memorial again and, this time, I brought my camera! It was a chilly and overcast day but even so, I was able to get some great shots. The memorial breathtaking in the amount of symbolism it contains. If […]

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