I know most of you don’t understand what it’s like to ask “is dad coming home?” instead of “when is dad coming home?” That’s ok. I don’t expect you to. I know most of you have never had comfort your sister because she’s afraid her dad won’t come home. That’s ok. Not everyone could do what my dad does. 

But here is what I do ask, next time you decide to take to Facebook and bash the police, take a minute and think about it. Remember today. Today the sons, daughters, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters of four Dallas Police Department Officers are weeping because their police officer went on shift and isn’t coming home. The loved ones of 7 others will have nightmares for years, as some of them will put the uniform back on because when duty calls, the police answer. And think about the families of the thousands of officers around this country who want just one thing in this life: for their police officer to come home. 

Here is the other thing I ask: take a few minutes today, go on YouTube, and search “police officer attacked by suspect.” If you think that cops just are out there preying on black men then you need a wake up call. Are there abuses? Yes. Are there bad actors? Yes. However, they are few and far between. But you need to understand that at any moment in a police officer’s interaction with a suspect, things can, and often do, go sideways. Police are a target. The nature of their job places them in harms way. Until you understand that, until you’ve seen cops shot, beaten, run over, and killed in the line of duty, I’m sorry, but your criticism carries no weight with me. 

A lot of people say their dad is their hero, but mine really is a hero. David Griesinger is the most caring and compassionate man I know. He spends most nights in a squad car protecting the people of Grand Prairie, Texas. Grand Prairie is about 20 minute from downtown Dallas. My dad will put the uniform on for his next shift and he will continue to do his job despite the shadow of four fallen and seven wounded officers. Why? Because my dad is a hero. When everyone else is running out, you can find him running in, along side his fellow officers. When duty calls, the police answer.

So send up a prayer for my dad and for all the police officers who’s only wish is to come home to their family tonight. Send up a prayer for the spouses who can’t help but worry. Send up a prayer for the kids who have to ask the question no kid ever should–is daddy coming home? And send up a special prayer for the ones who got their answer late last night.