I had the privilege of joining my good friend Remso Martinez on the Remso Republic Podcast to talk about America’s greatest ‘do nothing’ president, Calvin Coolidge. He was a man of few words and fewer actions. Which made him America’s greatest president. An all-around badass, contemporary conservatives would do well to imitate his reservedness, devotion to principle, and devotion to the American creed.

I’ve heard the GOP called a million different things, “the party of Reagan” and “the party of Trump” to name a few. Attaching Reagan to the GOP implies the party stands for one set of ideals that may be different than if you said the party embodied Trump’s populism. The names at the end of the day don’t matter but the ideas do, and at least talk around the water cooler implies libertarians and conservatives are wanting a certain silent president’s method of government to come back. This week I’m joined by Kyle Greisinger from Outset’s Young Guns to discuss how young Republicans are trying to make Calvin Coolidge cool again.

For some fun facts about Coolidge go over to The Republican Standard where you can get additional notes.