So I don’t dislike cars. But they don’t excite me the vaguely erotic way that they seem to excite other men. But I have found that I tend to like car movies (or racing movies at least). So I went into Ford v Ferrari with high hopes. But here’s the thing, you don’t need to like cars to love this movie. At heart, it’s a movie about calling and drive. About devotion and passion. About doing something not to earn a paycheck or because you want to, but about doing it because you need to do, because you have to do it.

And it’s a movie about red blooded American’s (ok one Brit, but he’s an American in my book) going to Europe and beating the Italians at their own game. And who doesn’t love that?

My Letterboxd review:

If you like cars… or America, this is the movie for you.