Kyle is a 23-year-old native of the great state of Texas living as a transplant in the almost-as-great state of Virginia. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Government from Liberty University, where he graduated with highest honors. While in undergrad at Liberty, Kyle served as a member of the Helm's School of Government Dean's Council, Secretary for the Liberty chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, and Treasurer for the College Republicans at Liberty University.

His research interests in undergrad included early-modern political philosophy, Classical and Austrian economic theory, and early American political history. Kyle's undergraduate thesis, Inflationary Monetary Policy as Legal Plunder, examines inflationary monetary policy through the lens of classical economic and political theory. He argues that inflationary policy is a form of taxation and 'legal plunder.'

Kyle has extensive experience in both politics and business. In 2007, Kyle founded KTech Web Designs. A web and graphic design company offering affordable solutions for the online marketing needs of small to medium size businesses and political campaigns. Having volunteered for numerous campaigns since the age of nine, in 2014, he took a position as the North Texas Field Director for Wayne Christian in his campaign for Texas Railroad Commission. From 2014 to September 2017, Kyle worked for the Torch of Freedom Foundation as a consultant and then as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for Patriot Academy.

Kyle and his wife—along with their dog, Felicity—now live in the Washington D.C. area. Where he serves as a State Outreach Associate at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University—a prestigious free-market think tank and research organization.