Why Are Any of Us Here?

Esotericish is a blog written by me, Kyle Griesinger. Why should you care what I think or have to say? I don’t know. Actually, I think the very fact that you are reading this page may be a strong argument against the idea that man is a rational creature.

No seriously, you should leave. Close this tab, put your device away, go for a walk, hug your loved ones, pet a dog. It’s the sensible thing to do.

You refuse to be sensible, I see.

Well, if you’re going to stick around, you might as well know about your humble host. I am a twenty-something living in Washington, DC with my wife, Savannah, and our dog Felicity. I grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (which is the size of Connecticut, btw) until I left for college. Which brings me to 23 months I spent in Lynchburg, Virginia from which I emerged with a degree in political science and my, aforementioned, lovely wife (though we met many years earlier).

I have many opinions. Few of them are popular.

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