“Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.”
— Francis Bacon —

Who I Am

Well, if you’re going to stick around, you might as well know about your humble host. I am a twenty-something living in Washington, DC with my wife, Savannah, and our dog Felicity. Where I do media relations for a public interest law firm. I grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (which is the size of Connecticut, btw) until I left for college. This brings me to 23 months I spent in Lynchburg, Virginia from which I emerged with a degree in political science and my, aforementioned, lovely wife (though we met many years earlier).

I enjoy drinking and collecting whiskey, of all sorts, ideally paired with a good cigar. I’m a hiker, a camper, and an Eagle Scout. I’m a tinkerer and technology enthusiast; some time web and graphic designer. 

I have many opinions. Few of them are popular.

What I Do



Esotericish is the blog that used to live on this website. It’s a catchall newsletter for my various interests. Politics? check. Tech? you betcha. Whiskey? uh huh. Subscribe and see what kind of email potpourri lands in your inbox.

Kyle on Music

Kyle on Music is a newsletter for a new project I’ll be starting in the coming weeks. I will be listening to and writing about all 500 of Rolling Stone’s greatest albums of all time. I hope you’ll subscribe and listen along.

Web & Graphic Design

76 Media co.

76 Media co. is a boutique graphic and web design firm that I founded in 2009. 76 Media co. specializes in developing top-notch web presences for clients at affordable prices. For more information, click here.

iOS Shortcuts

A good explainer on how to install third-party shortcuts can be found here.

Audio Read Later

Audio Read Later is a Shortcut I created that allows your phone to read you articles. Here’s how it works: You share a safari web page into it and shortcuts will grab the title, author, date, and body, save it to a text file in iCloud. Then, if you run the shortcut from the Shortcuts app it will query the directory, let you select a file, and then read it to you. 

Download from iCloud

Random Album

Random Album was a trickier Shortcut to build than I expected. As best I can tell, there is no way to pass an album identifier to Apple Music to play. So I had to find songs that are track 1 on disk 1 as a stand in for the albums in my library. From there I used the select random item from a list action to grab a random track. Then a find music action searches for songs whose album matches the randomly selected song. If more than one song exists for that album (it’s not a single) then it plays them in album order otherwise it starts over with another random song.

Download from iCloud