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iOS Shortcuts

Audio Read Later
Audio Read Later is a Shortcut I created that allows your phone to read you articles. Here’s how it works: You share a safari web page into it and shortcuts will grab the title, author, date, and body, save it to a text file in iCloud. Then, if you run the shortcut from the Shortcuts app it will query the directory, let you select a file, and then read it to you. 

Download from iCloud

Random Album
Random Album was a trickier Shortcut to build than I expected. As best I can tell, there is no way to pass an album identifier to Apple Music to play. So I had to find songs that are track 1 on disk 1 as a stand in for the albums in my library. From there I used the select random item from a list action to grab a random track. Then a find music action searches for songs whose album matches the randomly selected song. If more than one song exists for that album (it’s not a single) then it plays them in album order otherwise it starts over with another random song.

Download from iCloud

A good explainer on how to install third-party shortcuts can be found here.