I recently went on a bit of a twitter rant about the presidential election and one candidate in particular. After receiving a lot of positive feedback I decided to post a transcript here:

“Donald Trump being a “viable” candidate for the presidency has damaged the office more than anything else in the last 2 centuries” – @KyleGriesinger

“There was a time when we aspired to greatness in this country. Greatness of ideas.” – @KyleGriesinger

“A time when our leaders took the stage and gave eloquent speeches in defense of complex ideas.” – @KyleGriesinger

“Daring the people to dream bigger and think deeper. A time with the discussion was more than one syllable put downs.” – @KyleGriesinger

“A time when great men were good men and leaders were humble. What ever happened to that time? Can we get it back or is it gone forever?” – @KyleGriesinger

“Today, the man at the top seems to be seems to be the one who can shout high-sounding nonsense the loudest.” – @KyleGriesinger

“Gone are the days when presidential candidates spoke of the great philosophers and economists. Their names are likely unknown to most.” – @KyleGriesinger

“What ever happened to voices like Churchill and Reagan, Thatcher and Friedman? People who spoke to our hope and not our fear.” – @KyleGriesinger

“What happened to America? What happened to our leaders? What happened to our people?” – @KyleGriesinger

“I weep for my nation. How much we have lost, or rather willing given up. We have cast off the shackles of free thinking.” – @KyleGriesinger

“Preferring instead pre-digests sound bites that lack any substance. The American mind is starving, but we don’t seem to notice.” – @KyleGriesinger

“Maybe I am too optimistic, but I believe that the American people are capable of so much more than this. We can handle freedom of thought.” – @KyleGriesinger

“I believe that we can actually think past meaningless rhetoric and address the issues. That we won’t wilt when presented with hard choices.” – @KyleGriesinger

“We’ve saved the world from communism and fascism twice, put a man on the moon, ended a global depression, and withstood attacks from radicals” – @KyleGriesinger

“We can handle more than this. We can be presented with the truth of hard situations and evaluate our options.” – @KyleGriesinger

“We can grasp complex ideas. We can think outside the box. What has always made American great is Americans. Not celebrity presidents.” – @KyleGriesinger

“The greatest presidents have always been those who believed in the American people. Not those who belittled them with condescending rhetoric” – @KyleGriesinger

“But then again maybe I’m an idealist. Maybe I’m old fashioned. Maybe we’ve changed. But I hope not. God, I hope not.” – @KyleGriesinger

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